January 18, 2015

First place

It's Sunday, so of course, we woke up before 7 and headed off to a wrestling tournament. This one in West Allis. 'Stallis, if you will. C-man had a no-show in his bracket, so he only had two matches.

The first went the full time, with C-man coming out on top 7 - 0. He is still a beginner at this sport, but the difference between the last tournament and this one was marked. Pretty cool to see.

The second match he handled incredibly well, pinning his opponent in the first round. I let out a squeal. (Something you're not really supposed to do, but it just came out of me.) I can't help myself, apparently.

And C-man couldn't help himself either, because he shook the kid's hand and raced off to get his pin without even getting his arm raised. Man, he's been wanting a hat full of pins like some of his fellow teammates ever since he first saw one and realized what it was.

So, of course, we marched over and purchased a wrestling hat to put his very first pin on. Kind of funny, really - every tournament promotes what it gives to first place finishers, and all he really wanted was the hat. He's a tough, tough kid who leads quite a charmed life. Love him.

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Mary Z said...

Congratulations, Caleb!
And sorry about the football game.