January 31, 2015

Another weekend, another tournament

Today, we went to a wrestling tournament on a Saturday - in Germantown this time. C-man happened to hit a really hard bracket, with a state and a nationals qualifier.

The first round opponent didn't show up, so he won by forfeit. That helped his nerves a little. And while his next opponent was a girl, she couldn't remember the last time she had not pinned someone. She was really tough. (But incredibly sweet - C-man made friends with her and they were all chatty the rest of the day after this match)

C-man fought incredibly hard, and while lost by decision 13-0, he did not get pinned. A huge victory, as far as I'm concerned.

He attacked his next match with a vengeance.

The kid tried a poorly timed head throw on him, and he responded with a more timely head throw of his own. (Much to Beerman's and his coaches' chagrins - they do NOT want him to do head throws.)

But it (unfortunately? fortunately?) worked. He got the takedown, and it landed him a pin.

If nothing else, getting another pin on the hat was enough to make it a great day.

Which was great, because his final match was against a kid who has qualified for nationals, and has stacked up wins all over the country. C-man got pinned in 30 seconds and walked off with a smile. Seriously, this kid was so good, there was no shame in it, and even C-man knew there was no chance.

So after all that, he landed with a third place. And, a very fun lunch/dinner with the team. I couldn't be prouder of this child.

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Rogers5 said...

Headlocks were Kyle's big move got him lots of wins! Congrats Caleb!