May 1, 2015

Rounding Third and Heading Home

  • It's sugar syrup making night for my bees.
  • My three, 3# packages of bees plus 3 queens.
  • It's also - oh crap, find all the new equipment and round it up in one place night.
  • Donald Driver is going to be at work today.
  • I can't even explain who that is. If you don't know, then I'm moving on.
  • I am pretty sure C-man has a sinus infection.
  • He's going to the walk-in clinic after his baseball practice.
  • I have a painter coming in for a quote on our interior walls and ceiling.
  • We never hire this stuff done, so I'm sort of excited.
  • Until I see the estimate. Then maybe I won't be anymore!
  • Ahhh, bring it, weekend.

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