May 11, 2015

A day of first world problems

  • I got stung on Saturday, but didn't realize it until Sunday when I had an itchy welt on my thigh. Just one more thing to log in the, "You know you're a beekeeper when..."
  • With C-man's game rain out yesterday, we ended up doing a lot of nothing. Which was good, because the rain really crushed me on the pain scale and sent me to bed early.
  • We saw the Avengers this weekend. While Thor is still hot, the movie was dumb. Even for a superhero movie.
  • Starbucks mini frappuccino? Yes, please.
  • I'm getting sick of my hair being as long as it is. I thought this was a good idea, but I'm so annoyed with it, laying around and flying all over the place, not doing what it's told. Sigh. First world problems.
  • My shoulder continues to be total crap with no improvement. Physical therapy loses again.
  • This day needs more cowbell. And coffee.

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