May 7, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. I have three vases of flowers at my desk and one on my table at home from my birthday. I can't tell you how happy it makes me.
  2. The A's play the Royals tonight. If ever there was a chance to win a game this season, this could be it.
  3. I consciously had my last PT appointment for my rotator cuff this morning. It still hurts, but the time for me to go to PT is lame when she tells me to move my arm in a simple lame way that is doing nothing.
  4. It's so beautiful outside. The sun is shining, the leaves are all budded out, and it's glorious. I wait all winter for days like these.
  5. I finally got Beasley a vet appointment next week. I keep forgetting to do that.
  6. I don't know if it's my allergies or pain or what, but I've been so tired lately.
  7. I definitely need to exercise more.
  8. My nightly bike rides with C-man have been fantastic. I'm so glad I got a new bike that fits.
  9. On Saturday, I'm going to try to get up north to check on my bees. Gosh, I hope they're doing what they need to do.
  10. I'm so happy the weekend is supposed to be nice weather.
  11. Beerman's in the process of building me a vegetable garden. I can't wait.
  12. Cinnamon Altoids rule.
  13. Let's go A's!

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