May 19, 2015

Anniversary day

  • It's my wedding anniversary to Beerman today. 14 successful years.
  • He's in Denver.
  • I did get roses and chocolate covered strawberries. So that was nice.
  • C-man has a baseball game and baseball photos tonight.
  • I'll have to leave work again to make it in time.
  • One day I'll be able to make a whole work day.
  • It'd also be nice if I could sleep the whole night. That hasn't happened for so long, it doesn't even seem like a reality anymore.
  • A wrestling mom asked me to make up two collages for her boys.
  • I didn't know I'd still be editing photos in May. But they're good people, so it's not a real complaint.
  • C-man is wrestling on Sundays now. He came home a giant ball of sweat and all bruised up and declared it the best wrestling practice ever.
  • I do not understand this boy stuff.

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