May 5, 2015

Thirty-nine thankfuls

It's my exit year. The last of the thirties. I don't know how this has happened so quickly. There's so much I have left to do. So many places to see. So many hobbies to acquire. So many people to meet. So many photos to take. But I'm so, so thankful, and so, so fortunate to be where I am. So this year, I am taking time to be grateful for the love and life I've got. In no particular order (beyond the top 4, of course):
  1. Beerman, who is my caretaker and food maker and father to my child and all around really fabulous person who puts up with my crazy
  2. C-man, who makes my heart swell every day
  3. My family, who taught me laughter is more important than anything
  4. Beasley, whose belly is always available for a rub when I need it most
  5. My beehives, that have taught and continue to teach me humility and hard work and nature
  6. My camera, from whose lens I experience different perspectives and lights
  7. Travel experiences, the stories I've had around the world shape my daily thoughts and actions
  8. The educational experiences I've had, learning is a daily activity that makes me better
  9. My job, that despite my complaints, allows me to use my strengths and skills and rewards me well
  10. Spring, which brings all the holidays I love, but also a new hope for the year
  11. Coffee, which brings me happiness and tastiness, and morning joy
  12. Baseball, despite its long season, always brings me happy childhood memories, and a full summer of smiles
  13. The roof over my head, it makes me more fortunate than most in this world
  14. Mountain tops, I've been on a few, and they always inspire me with joy
  15. My ability to send my child to a private school, it isn't a necessity, but that I can make the right choice for him is something I never take for granted
  16. Friends, both near and far, young and old who weave together the fabric of my life
  17. That Halley's comet is showing her tail tonight for my birthday
  18. A completely full Facebook walls of birthday well wishes
  19. A new bike from my boys, which will one day soon be complete with wicker basket
  20. The ability to live in a safe place my son can roam freely on his bike, yet we can go to theater and sports in an instant
  21. Curly hair, while it may make me crazy some days, it is different and unique
  22. Straight teeth, because as my mom always said, your eyes are a mess, so at least your teeth are good.
  23. Good shoes, because you can never go wrong with a new pair of beautiful shoes. And I seem to have a lot of them
  24. My herb garden, because walking through it makes me breathe deeper and love my life
  25. Living so close to Lake Michigan, because I can take a walk along the waves almost any time I want
  26. Warm sunshine on my face
  27. Old photos of good times past
  28. The smell of vanilla straight out of the bottle, because it reminds me of cookies. And really, how can that ever be bad?
  29. Heated seats and a sunroof in my car. It's the first time having either, and I love them
  30. Beer, because it's tasty and good and pays my mortgage
  31. Butterflies and birds and squirrels and all the creatures in my gardens who I may have named
  32. Five continents before 40
  33. All the hobbies I do that are possible and enabled by my family
  34. Yarn stores, because they are beautiful and warm and make me smile
  35. My hammock chair, because it swings and sways and is the best place to be
  36. Vacation plans, because they're hopeful and fun and take me on my next adventure
  37. Online shopping, because it means I don't have to enter a real store. Ever.
  38. 39 years of safety and happiness and exploration and love and laughter
  39. Dreaming about next year's birthday. It's still one year away, but so many fulfilled dreams and adventures lie ahead.

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Mary Z said...

Happy Birthday (again)!

What are your four continents? We're planning to get our seventh (Africa) in November. Most people's 7th continent (Antarctica) was our 4th!