May 9, 2015

Baseball and Bees

The A's lost last night. Sigh. They should have won. It's depressing. But in happier news, C-man hit a home run in a giant bomb to left-center. He's like a different kid out there this year.

And today, I drove north to check on my bees. Abigail and Caroline's hives are fantastic - strong, lots of bees and eggs, and they are bringing in pollen and nectar. I'm not so sure about Beatrice. I couldn't find her, and the hive wasn't looking very strong. I'm going to let it go a bit, though. Maybe she's in there and just not laying a lot yet. Or maybe she isn't and they'll raise their own queen. Either way, this is why I got three hives instead of two.

And now, it's time to go see the Avengers assemble!

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