May 15, 2015

Can you hear that? Oh yeah... the weekend is coming...


Seriously, I'm so thankful it's the weekend. C-man plays at Helfaer Field tomorrow, but not until I sleep in and have a facial.

Beasley had his vet appointment yesterday. He's 95 pounds and the vet referred to him as "one of those ADHD" dogs. What a perfect description of this maniac. We really should have weighed him when we got him. I think he must have been 110 pounds. But now he's almost fighting weight and has more energy than ever.

Beerman was in Chippewa Falls brewing all night last night and on his way home. I think it'll be a slow night at home tonight.

The local technical college is offering a free 5-class welding certificate covered by the US Department of Labor. It seriously makes me want to learn how to weld.

This might just be how I have so many ridiculous hobbies, by the way...

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