September 27, 2015

A much needed break

  • C-man is still thrilled about his touchdown yesterday. He equated it to getting a puppy.
  • Which makes me happy, because touchdowns are much less bitey.
  • The play went well last night. I did all my pieces.
  • Unfortunately, a cast member tossed the wine glasses and they crashed all over the floor.
  • That's been my warning to everyone nightly - don't push off the tables, because they're rickety.
  • It flustered a cast member, and she jumped 4 pages ahead. We made our way back eventually, and I threw in a random line about broken plates to cover, and we moved on.
  • At least the audience was small.
  • I'm so exhausted and creaky today. Beasley woke us up at 9.
  • At least I don't have rehearsals until Thursday. That'll be a great break.
  • But the rest of today is going to be la-azy. So much to do around here, but screw it.

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