September 17, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. Last night at play rehearsal, we got to run Act I twice, instead of the whole show.
  2. It's been my complaint the whole rehearsal season so far - we keep switching acts that we rehearse, so people don't improve their timing on the one we just ran.
  3. It'd certainly help if one of the actors would just learn his damn lines, though.
  4. I still got home at 10, but the second run-through was soooo much better that it didn't feel hopeless.
  5. C-man was so happy when I came home. His assignment was to write a poem from the perspective of a coach to his team. He's certainly heard enough of those to be an expert!
  6. He was also overjoyed because the football team is getting graded out now. A KnightCat sticker for a win and a Superman sticker for a great play.
  7. He got a Superman for his sack.
  8. A little recognition goes a long, long way with that one. He seemed really motivated.
  9. I finally remembered to submit C-man's day camp expense for FSA reimbursement. I know it's our money, but it's a little like Christmas getting it all back!
  10. Speaking of spending money on C-man, I've been monkeying around with his 529 plan. As long as the market doesn't take a total unrecoverable dump, I think he'll have a solid 4 years from us.
  11. Which he tells me he doesn't need, of course, because he'll be on a football scholarship.
  12. I saw Burt Jacobs (Life is Good) speak yesterday at work. (We're carrying the line in our stores now) He was by far, the best talk I heard in a while. I'm going to read the book now.
  13. In my spare time.

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