September 14, 2015

It's Monday. I'm at work. So I'm amazing.

  • C-man won his first ever fantasy football matchup. It was really hard to root for Romo and Witten, but that's what put him over the edge. The things you do for your child's happiness.
  • I woke up every hour last night. Except between 1:30 and 3:30. Those were two glorious hours.
  • There will be coffee today. A lot of coffee.
  • I'm down to less than two weeks until play day. God, I just want this over with. Horrible to say, but I'm just exhausted.
  • I am never doing this again.
  • I got another StitchFix shipment. This one was better than the last, but everything was sheer chiffon and floral print. It's 55 in Wisconsin. Sheer, floral chiffon? Fail.
  • We went to a beer dinner last night for Beerman's work. When all else fails, I find turning the conversation to my bees creates an entertaining discussion.
  • I love my bees.
  • But for the record, wasps are not bees. Seriously, this nomenclature needs to stop. They aren't even the same family.
  • Is it time for bed yet?

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