September 10, 2015


  • I'm so exhausted, the word doesn't even accurately describe what I'm feeling.
  • Being in this play was a really bad idea. If I ever say I'm auditioning again, slap me.
  • Beerman comes home tonight.
  • There's no football tonight.
  • What a relief.
  • Last week a player brought watermelon for after practice and it was a huge hit. So this week C-man brought it for Watermelon Wednesday.
  • I sent an entire cooler of watermelon, another family brought one, and they ate almost the whole thing. Hungry piggies.
  • The Jingle Bell Walk is coming up again. Click on the link to the right if you want to join me on November 15th.
  • C-man's first football game is on Saturday. I hope he does well.
  • He can't wait until October when he gets to wear pink socks. In the meantime, he'll be sporting navy blue ones.
  • Oh boy. Come on, weekend!

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