October 27, 2015

Tuesday 10

  1. I am fighting off being sick. And I have lost all patience when horribly sick people come to work.
  2. I completely lost my shit on someone this morning, who when I said she should go home because she has strep, told me that she HAS to be at work. I'm her boss.
  3. How is your time and health more important than mine? And for that matter, my family's? Because once you get me sick, I drag that nonsense home.
  4. I should have stayed home, because I am not patient today.
  5. On a less ornery note, Halloween is this weekend. Everyone has their costumes ready.
  6. I still do not understand Beerman's costume at all. But anything that involves a White Chicks hat and a Rusty Wallace shirt is going to escape my understanding, I suppose.
  7. My phone did a factory reboot this weekend. It's a work phone that can't be backed up on the cloud. I lost a couple of videos of Harry. That made me sad.
  8. Our resort in Mana, Fiji informed us we are unbooked because they are going to film a reality show there. So now we've got to figure that out. A first world problem, for sure.
  9. I've been considering the writing a book in November thing again. I may even have a topic to go with. Now to commit to doing it.
  10. Is it Friday yet?

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