October 6, 2015

Time to stop

I'm getting restless. And weary. That's because they're the same side of the coin for me. It's October, and I don't feel like I've accomplished much this year. I've been incredibly busy, but it's all just melded together. I haven't stopped to smell the proverbial roses very often. No vacation, no checkpoint to stop and mark the life going on around me. It's just been a rush from one thing to another.

Part of this was intentional. I wasn't going to start any new hobbies this year because it was getting out of control. But in doing so, I feel like I didn't do not having hobbies a service either. Instead, we have moved through our days with no distinguishable features.

So now it all just feels like it lacks purpose. Busy without a reason except to check it off. Not really enjoyable. And I dislike that immensely.

I've got 3 months left of this year, and I'm going to slow down. Not in the speed at which we move, because unfortunately, we just have a lot going on. But I really want to think about my days more. I want to make things matter. I want to notice more around me.

Time to smell the roses. It's a good thing I've got so many lying around the house.

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