October 13, 2015

So it's Tuesday

  • The email came out to sign up for wrestling. Dear God, is there never a break?
  • There continue to be reports of a Miller-Bud merger/buyout. No word on what it means, but oh boy. Here we go again.
  • A while ago, we were geocaching, and something bit/stung me in the finger. My finger still hurts and is numb. That sucks.
  • My arthritis has been kicking in pretty hard again. I guess to remind me it's still here? Man, I hate fall.
  • I've decided I need to start doing yoga seriously. This has to happen.
  • I'm going to be in New York City next week. I'm really looking forward to taking some photos.
  • It's good to look forward to something. I need to do more of that. It keeps me happy.

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