October 5, 2015

Monday stuff

Football didn't quite go the way the team wanted this weekend. The defense played well, but the offense couldn't move anything forward. It was the team's first loss since their very first game last year. Kind of a heartbreaker. C-man did well, however, held his spot, and popped through the line repeatedly. Unfortunately, they had him playing the side opposite the play went, so he couldn't get to the QB in time. Oh well, next week.

He was thrilled to have such a large audience of family, though. It definitely made him feel special.

As did I for my play. It meant a lot to have so much support.

But now the play is done. And while I'm thrilled, it was a bit bizarre to not rehearse my lines in the car on my way into work today. Maybe I can actually read a book again!

C-man's heel has been really hurting him. I looked up some stuff online, in addition to what Aunt Terry advised. So he's on Aleve, has heel cups for his shoes, and I taped him with K-tape. (Thank you youtube, and your helpful taping videos). Here's hoping it heals up. One article actually said, "This type of pain means you're growing too fast for your own good." He's two shoe sizes bigger than last season, has gained 11 pounds, and hasn't grown an inch. It seems like things are moving.

As are his teeth. He hadn't lost any for quite a while, and had two molars come out in a week. They're both on the right side, so he has a giant gap in his mouth. I told him he's one tooth loss away from owning a banjo.

My back is killing me. Stupid rain. Hopefully it gets it all out of its system before this weekend's Fall Fest! 40 people at the house for dinner and a movie - all outside under our tent.

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