October 23, 2015

Home Again

I'm finally home from my week in New York City. The weather was fantastic, which meant that once my work stuff was over, walking around was a great option each day. I got to wander a good part of Central Park and the High Line Park - both places that give me great joy. I had a little lunch in Chelsea Market, visited a few camera stores I'd been wanting to see to price out a camera I'm really wanting, ate a couple of chocolate croissants, and took some photos. I even saw 39 Steps, which was absolutely hysterical (Hitchcock spoof of about 150 roles played by 4 people). It was a nice trip, and even the work stuff was good.

But now, it's time to do home stuff - clean up the house, watch some football, get my winterized stuff ready for my bees so I can hopefully put that on this weekend, and maybe get our family photo taken. But that's ambitious, I suppose, so we'll see what I get actually to. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!

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