March 21, 2016

11 things I love about my 11 year old

  1. His passion for everything he does. If he takes the time to do it, you can guarantee it'll be done with serious gusto.
  2. That smile.
  3. That no matter how bad my day has been, I know there will be snuggles the end of it.
  4. That wit.
  5. His ability to make a friend everywhere he goes.
  6. The natural curiosity to figure out everything.
  7. How honest and transparent he is about what he feels.
  8. That he's never short of an opinion or desire or knowing what it is he wants.
  9. That work ethic that is so far beyond his mere 11 years.
  10. How fun everything can be when he's involved. Oh, that laugh...
  11. The size of that heart. It has room enough for babies and animals and anyone who needs it.
Happy birthday, sweet baby. May it be the best one yet.

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