March 17, 2016

Thursday Thirteen

  1. It's the end of the week. Well, close enough, anyway. Tomorrow begins the last bits of wrestling and the beginning of trip planning execution.
  2. Tomorrow is our day from Chicago to Sheboygan, or Passports to Weigh-in if you will.
  3. I feel like I'm getting sick. This cannot be happening right now.
  4. I'm hoping it's Spring allergies.
  5. I was asked to be the Jingle Bell Run Champion this year. Essentially, be one of the faces of the event. Kind of cool, since I think I actually have to do very little.
  6. Spring Break is officially in the 10 day forecast. Fiji is 88 degrees. God bless it.
  7. Staying away from sweets for the entirety of Lent has been really good for me. I wish I could keep this up forever.
  8. Beerman needs a new vehicle. I suppose it's time to start shopping. I really hate vehicle shopping.
  9. I ordered the bottom boards and top boards for my three new beehives that I'll be putting up this year. I have enough boxes already thanks to some pretty bad counting in previous years.
  10. Every time I think about my bees making the winter, I smile. It's so gratifying.
  11. I've been sleeping with a sticky hot patch on my lower back lately, and it's been working out well. Subscribe and Save by the case it is!
  12. I got my hair cut last night, and C-man gets his cut tonight. I went with a trim. C-man is talking getting it super short. What a difference a year makes.
  13. Tonight is about laundry and packing. Shit's getting real.

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