March 14, 2016


  • C-man had a wrestling tournament this weekend. He only wrestled one match. The ref was the worst we'd ever experienced, C-man's shoulder was hurting, and Beerman pulled him from the rest of the tournament after telling the ref he'd never let him ref his kid again. Never ever again will go to Port Washington to wrestle.
  • I looked at C-man's passport on Friday only to realize it expired in February of 2016, not 2017. Shit. So we'll be spending our Friday morning and a small fortune in Chicago at the Passport Agency. We have our wi-fi in the RV, but no passport for our kid. What the hell...
  • Beerman is going to have to travel the week prior to us leaving on our vacation. Again. What the hell...
  • At least I have bees. There's that.

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