March 8, 2016

This, that, and the other stuff

  • C-man is signed up for summer camp. I'm completely jealous of the class options he has. Despite that, he's all tournament kickball, flag football, bowling, and survival skills.
  • I've been feeling entirely crappy. This whole arthritis thing is winning its battle with me lately, I fear.
  • C-man has his birthday party this weekend. But since he 'needs' to wrestle, we're kicking the kids out by 9:30 so we can head to the afternoon time slot in Port Washington.
  • Up to 3 more weekends. And then it's vacation, people!
  • Ah, vacation. I can hardly stand it, I'm so excited. Getting away from it all, not worrying about my desperately awful mind fog in a meeting, not worrying if I'm going to be able to sit long enough without needing to stand... It'll be fantastic.
  • Beasley is just excited the Treat Grandpa will be here. I'm just hoping he isn't back to 118 when we get back.
  • In other news, the birds are chirping and the snow is gone. Spring may be almost here...

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