March 30, 2016

Fiji- A second day of Fiji Life

Our second day in Fiji started with another amazing breakfast. Man, there is something to be said for these giant resort breakfasts. And because of where we're situated, there are a lot of Indian and East Asian breakfast items to try along with my made to order eggs and fresh yogurt. But, I digress. There are important things to report.

Yesterday, while out in a taxi, Beerman arranged for a taxi driver to take us around for the day. We didn't want to do the usual tour with the usual Australian tourists and be on their timetable, but wanted to see the sights. So we started at Viseisei, Fiji's original village, which still has people living in it today. We learned of the cannibalism and patriarchal society. And also learned that there is a lot of Christian evangalization here, too. I'm not sure if it's all that repenting for eating peoples' brains, but it's been a little surprising. Anyhow, it was great to see the village and learn some Fiji cultural stuff.

Next, we moved on to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. It's a pretty garden in a mountain (Sleeping Giant) that was started by Raymond Burr. There were loads of orchids and beautiful plants and honey bees!

It was hot and humid, and we were sweaty, so after a bit, we got our fruit punch and moved on.

This time, to the Sabeto mud baths and hot springs. It's a local thing to do - you slather yourself in mud, wait for it to dry off, and then start rinsing off in 4 pools - getting slightly cooler and cleaner in each one.

It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Interesting and funny, but once may have been good enough for all of us.

We then had lunch at a traditional Fiji place. Children are extremely important here, and it's been fascinating to see that C-man gets served first. Always. But our food came, too, and Beerman's lunch was the most interesting - taro balls covered in coconut milk, alongside yucca and marlin.

After lunch, we relaxed with some cribbage by the beach and drinks and pool time, until it was time to see the Cultural Ceremony - the Meke Lovo. It's kind of a Fiji Luau, but these people were way bad asser.

Because at the end, we saw each man of the tribe walk on top of a burning hot fire of rocks. And we were next to this fire - it was no joke. I'd really wanted to see this part of things, so was pretty excited about it, even if Beerman declared they only walked on the cool rocks.

Unfortunately, C-man caught some crud, and wasn't feeling well at all. He has a cough and general crappiness. The past couple weeks of going plus plane crud seem to have gotten him a bit. I'm hoping he is able to fight it, because it's never fun to be sick on vacation and we're heading out to the sailboat today.

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