March 23, 2016

A pot of crazy

I am packed for the trip. I am packing up C-man tonight. Well, except for the clothes we need to wear this week, things we need for the wrestling tournament this weekend, and toiletries. But close enough. I'm packed, damnit!

Beasley has his dog walker all set. I just need to get his food ready for while we're away, because I'm assuming my mom doesn't want to cook him up his liver every day. Not positive, just a hunch.

And we all have passports. Dear Lord, we all have passports. On that note, if you go to the passport office, be sure to A) Have an appointment, because it puts you earlier in the line when it's pickup time and B) Check what time they start printing passports. Because regardless as to your appointment time, they do not print until a certain time (3 pm in Chicago), and you have to wait until then.

I have to pick up my lens for the weekend tonight. (At least this year I'll be able to get down on the floor with C-man to take photos.) I'm sort of nervous for him. Which is okay, because he's taking this in complete stride. Last night he declared he won't even cry if he loses 2 in a row and is out - he's just thrilled to have made it. So there's that - my 11 year old is more practical than I am.

In other news, I've got one more day of work this week. Wahooo!

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Mary Z said...

You're going to New Zealand, etc., right? We went to NZ in 2001, and absolutely loved it. It's one of the few places we really wanted to go back to. Enjoy!