March 24, 2016

Thursday Thirteen

  1. I am packed and C-man is packed. I got us both into smaller suitcases to fit on the boat and in the RV. I was pretty impressed with myself.
  2. It was hard to try to think through what we'd need for 65 degree weather, since it's so far out of my range of comprehension right now.
  3. Fiji and New Zealand, here we come!
  4. Except for the extra socks and underwear and toiletries I need to do at the last minute.
  5. Tonight we'll be packing for the weekend trip to Madison.
  6. After my trip to get a pedicure.
  7. Last night I picked up my rental lens for the weekend. It's such a pretty lens.
  8. C-man's coach is trying to get me a press pass so I can be down on the floor for all the kids. That would be amazing.
  9. When I woke C-man up for school, I informed him it was his last day for 3 weeks. How crazy is that?
  10. Almost as crazy as him having no homework for the 2 weeks he's missing. I sure am glad I worried about how much school he was going to miss.
  11. I think I've written my bio for the Jingle Bell Walk champion for the Arthritis Foundation. I had a draft on the counter, and C-man found and read it. He told me he is going to grow up and become a scientist to cure arthritis. I guess that means it's done.
  12. Mentally, I'm totally past work. Which is hard considering I'm delivering performance reviews. At least I have a really good team.
  13. Almost there, people. Almost there!

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Mary Z said...

Are y'all going to do NZ in an RV? Fabulous! We actually mentioned it as a possibility when we went there. We didn't, but realized, in the event, that it would've been quite easy and enjoyable. It's that driving on the other side of the road that gets you. And they have a lot of one-way bridges, but with a good system to know who has the right-of-way. Will you be in North Island, South Island, or both? I'm so jealous!