February 13, 2017

And here we go again

  • Tomorrow is Valentines Day. I get to spend it at not one, but two, wrestling meets. One for C-man and one for the high school who made it to regionals for the very first time. My life is so very glamorous and romantic.
  • My back is hurting so bad, I'm only getting an hour or two of sleep at a time. I'm really hoping this spinal surgeon gives me something good on Thursday.
  • The lack of sleep is leaving me in a perpetual crabby state of sleep deprivation. It's not a great way to be.
  • I've been so busy with stuff, that I haven't had much of a chance to take photos like I'd wanted to this year. It's a bad precedent, because editing wrestling photos has become a real grind.
  • On Saturdays, I've been getting up before the sun to get Beasley to the park. He hasn't been very well behaved, but without a run, he'll go crazy. So that's our compromise. An old lady always shows up at sunrise with her pitbull mix. She swears like a sailor about her damn dog, and I love her. It's become my sleep deprived quiet time. Damn dog.

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