February 15, 2017

And now it's Wednesday

  • Last night's wrestling dual was a success. The team won, and C-man pinned his guy.
  • The coach has been telling the kids to look up to get their picture taken as a way to get them to arch and put more pressure on the opponent. C-man took it literally.
  • Then we went to the high school sectional dual, which wasn't so positive. But who can say no to a romantic drive through Culvers dinner?
  • I went to the spinal surgeon today. He was surprised, based on the MRI results, that I wasn't having other issues, too. But the good news is he's referring me to a pain management doctor. That means probably no surgery, but instead, burning a couple of nerves in my vertebra. So I'm hopeful.
  • You know things are bad when ablating nerves sounds positive.
  • He was still dire about the future degeneration from arthritis, though. I always hate hearing that, even though I know it's real.
  • Beerman just wants to know what superpowers I'll get in the process. I'm hoping for adamantium.
  • I could really use a drink.

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