February 6, 2017

Another good weekend on the mat

This weekend, we headed west to Watertown to wrestle. C-man had a 4-man bracket. His first match was the toughest. He was down 2-0 when he got a blood time out. His mouth was gushing. Typical wrestling grossness. Once it was cleaned up, he went out on the mat and got a reversal to make it 2-2 right before the end of the 1st period.

Match 1 - 1st Period:

Match 1 - (post blood time out) end of 1st period:

He started the 2nd period on the bottom, and quickly turned the kid over and pinned him in 12 seconds getting the official fall at 1:12.

Match 2: 2nd period

The second match was an even easier one for him. The other kid was pretty new to wrestling, and C-man took him down and pinned him at :27. Beerman was trying to get him to cut him loose and make it go longer, but C-man didn't hear that instruction. Kind of a bummer for the other kid who didn't get more live wrestling time, but sometimes, I'm sort of grateful when they go quickly. Then I don't have to be so nervous for so long.

Match 2:

The third match, Beerman talked to C-man about staying on the mat longer and practicing perfecting his moves. He let it go into the second period, and then took the fall at Beerman's nod in the second period at 1:34.

Match 3:

Mr 4th Place took off before awards. But it didn't stop C-man's enormous smile and a chance to stand on the podium. It was an easier tournament for him, so he wasn't as ecstatic about the win as last week. But it's still hard not to be happy when you've got three new pins you've earned on your hat.

And tomorrow, it's a middle school dual. Because of course it is.

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