February 3, 2017


  • C-man's middle school team had a dual last night, but he had a forfeit. So, boring.
  • I bought two packages of bees for this spring. I just can't help myself. But with all this freezing rain, it'll be a miracle if any of them make it out.
  • C-man's at ski club tonight. So, of course, Beerman and I are having a romantic evening at a high school wrestling conference tournament. Shoot me.
  • 12 days until I see the back surgeon. I am in so much pain, I am truly counting the days.
  • I'm hoping to finish my pussy hat this weekend. C-man has asked me to call it something else.
  • I have a massage scheduled tomorrow. And I need to paint the wrestling podium. It's looking to be a good day ahead.

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