February 1, 2017

Wrestling recap

Last night was the first middle school wrestling dual of the season at Frank Lloyd Wright School. The other parents were giggling, because you couldn't tell who was pacing more nervously on the sidelines - C-man or Beerman.

But then he was out there. He wrestled well - a little too much on his knees to start, but then he picked up the pace and really did well. So well, that his pin came quickly in the second period.

But my favorite part of it all was watching how excited the other teammates were for him - a 6th grader. The team was on fire, and crushed it 88 - 5. [For those non-wrestling scorers out there, they got 3 forfeits (6 points each), 11 pins (6 points each), one major decision win - which is to win by 8 points or greater (4 points), and one loss with a tech fall - when you are beaten by 15 points (5 points for them). Last year, this team won by only one point against this school.] Needless to say, it continued to stoke the fire for his wrestling love. As did having the kid from the other team who had a broken wrist and weighs 110 lbs say, "I'll see you at Conference" as they shook hands.

The next dual is Thursday, and unfortunately, C-man is going to get a forfeit at 110 lbs. Bummer.

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