February 20, 2017

Ugh. We're doing that again.

  • C-man didn't wrestle this weekend. His arm was still hurting him, and I didn't think being the Laconia champ would make much of a difference in our lives long-term. He still went to cheer on the team, though.
  • Beerman and I gloriously stayed home and got housework done. I mean, I actually washed the outside of my house windows. In February! What an unbelievable gift this weekend was.
  • Not to mention, Beasley got walked a bit since the weather was so fantastic, which was good for both of us.
  • The cookie pushers showed up with their Girl Scout cookies today. Jerks. I've got to give these things away. Fast. Today's a high pain day. So having cookies in front of me is a bad thing.
  • No wrestling meets this week. Well, except for high school state which is for 3 straight days. Just what I always wanted to do.
  • Here's to making it through the week!

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