February 7, 2017


  • C-man came home from school not feeling well today. So therefore, no wrestling dual. Since he's been sleeping pretty much non-stop today, I'm going to go with - he's really sick.
  • Thursday's wrestling dual is going to be a really tough one, so he may lose his varsity spot for the day and the coach could bump everyone up a slot. (They're really strong at the lower weights) I'd like to see him wrestle at varsity, but the less pressure on me sure would be nice.
  • I had a much-needed massage last night, and actually slept for the first time in ages. I left a really big tip because the therapist was super pregnant and I was all guilty about it. Not guilty enough to not get the massage, mind you...
  • C-man is all signed up for an overnight camp with a friend at the end of the summer. He never wanted to do it until last summer. And by the time he'd decided it'd be fun, everything was booked. So I got ahead of the game this year and figured out which camp and when. I think he's going to love it.
  • It reminds me how much fun I had as camp director. Those were some crazy days. But so great.
  • These February thunderstorms are freaking me out. The poor bees!
  • I took my car in for repair because the engine light was on. It was some canister that was sticking - emissions problem. And, of course, I'm 6000 over my 60,000 warranty. Ugh. At least they washed my car. I'm trying not to think of it as a $350 car wash.
  • The boys are volunteering at the high school wrestling regional tournament our team is hosting this weekend, so I should get a day of quiet to myself. I'm looking forward to that.
  • Because then Sunday is back at a tournament. Oh goody.

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