December 7, 2010


Making chocolate chip cookies together while I was covered in chicken pox
Getting my fingers and toes painted bright pink while my mom was bowling
Receiving king sized candy bars on Halloween
Christmas afternoons spent in her living room, eating her dough things that after being deep-fried were delectably doused in powdered sugar
Playing endless games of dominoes
Watching her shred cabbage head after cabbage head with my dad to make sauerkraut
Being taught how to pencil in my eyebrows (A skill I've never once used, but am glad I know how anyway)
Getting quarter after quarter handed to me in Grumpy's bar so I could keep playing Ms. PacMan
Learning how to juggle with her popcorn balls
Running down the hill to her cabin to "sneak" her cookies when my own mom had told me "No more!"
Watching her wind the cukoo clock so it would go off, just because I liked it

All thoughts that make me smile, and memories I'll happily hold on to forever.  We'll miss you, Aunt Shirley. I'm just glad you don't have to fight it anymore.


Mary Z said...

A lovely and loving tribute to your Aunt Shirley. Obviously, you'll miss her.

Anonymous said...

Hugs. Great sense of who she was in your writing, beautiful tribute.