June 12, 2015

A day off

C-man is done with school, so we headed north to see the bees today. I'm losing all hope with this beekeeping thing. Abigail, the strongest hive, has mites walking around in it, and I didn't see the queen. (Grrr to mites! I know it's common, but not in first year hives, which means the supplier stinks.) The new queen, Beyonce, wasn't killed, but she is just walking around and isn't laying any eggs, which means certain death to the hive if she doesn't start immediately.. And the Caroline hive is not expanding very quickly, although I saw the queen and eggs. So that's the hive I have the most hope for. Such a frustrating day. At least it was beautiful and sunny, we got to have lunch with Grandma, and I got hours in the car to chat with C-man.

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