June 11, 2015

School's end

Today, Beasley watched C-man board the bus for his last day as a fourth grader. Well, pending that social studies grade he's been fearing. (Seriously, it's like I haven't even had a single ounce of anything to do with bringing this child into the world. He doesn't think twice about math, but social studies is a problem? How is that even possible?)

The A's won their second game in a row last night. C-man isn't feeling well. And with what I'm tallying up as a giant hormonal growth spurt and change in his body, he was just off. Not terrible, but it's like he just can't focus lately. He has a week off now, plus school is done, so things should lighten up all the way around for him.

In other news, C-man being off school means we get tomorrow off together. As long as the weather holds, we're going to go check on the bees. And it's a good thing, because just like C-man, I think I could use a mental break, too.

Weekend, ho!

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