June 18, 2015

Thursday Thirteen Good Things

I haven't been the happiest lately. I've been mentally and emotionally down. Physically, the inflammation has been high. So it's time to think positively!

  1. C-man tried out for the post-season tournament team last night and slugged a giant hit to center field. We don't know if he will make the team (2 dozen kids tried out for 13 spots), but are very proud he tried.
  2. I've been tracking my DNA to my family tree to figure out which chromosomes have come down through which lines. Fairly fascinating. (Granny Bert is strong in this one...)
  3. I've downsized and rearranged my workspace, and it feels so much better. I've never been one for much clutter or disorganization at work, but this even feels nicer.
  4. The spa visits and comedy club tickets are purchased for the Pelot Women Take San Francisco trip in July.
  5. The spa informed me we can stay by the pool all day and order room service if we'd like. Ummm... maybe?
  6. Little League has been doing a photo contest this summer. It's with Canon, but that's okay. I've been submitting photos with their themes anyhow. I won't win, but it's always nice to have a purpose for the shots.
  7. This morning, C-man declared the camp counselors like him best. It's good to be noticed. And humble.
  8. I rounded up the medical bills this year and submitted them for FSA reimbursement. A broken finger and a bunch of PT really adds up! That'll be a really nice deposit later this week.
  9. Beerman has our Spring Break trip almost figured out. I'm giddy with excitement that it may actually happen. I may actually leave the country again. Ahhhh....
  10. The cabinet maker finally sent us our last two kitchen doors yesterday. Small miracles do happen!
  11. Beasley has a vet appointment today, so I get to bail out of work a bit early.
  12. There are only 3 games left of C-man's season. Usually, that makes me sad. But this year, I feel quite differently about it. It'll be a relief to be over.
  13. I'm on my third cup of coffee today, and it's amazing.

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