June 26, 2015

Bee visiting

I took the day off to go see my bees. Plus, I'm sick of work, and needed the time off. Beyonce didn't take. She never laid any eggs, and the hive never got new bees. I'm thinking something is wrong with the hive itself - pesticides or something else that got tracked back. So I'm officially down to two hives.

Abigail, who I didn't see, had brood. She's getting honey bound (frames filled with honey so there's nowhere to lay eggs), so I added a honey super on top. And then there's Caroline, who I also didn't see. Her hive is slowly growing, and there were eggs and larva and capped brood, so she's been there within the last 3 days. It's growing much slower than I want, as she's still only in one brood box, but there are many more bees than there were two weeks ago.

So it's official - I am not a very good bee farmer. But it's still interesting, and they were quite gentle (if not irritated) still. AKA - no stings.

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