June 4, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. I had secured two Packers tickets for the 10/18 Packers v Chargers game for our 14th wedding anniversary. (It being the "gold" themed year and all)
  2. Melvin Gordon (formerly of UW-Madison) is now on the Chargers, and the jersey C-man wants more than anything this year.
  3. We decided to not tell him we got two tickets lest it break his 10 year old heart.
  4. Aunt Lonnie texted that she we just won the Packers lottery and have four tickets.
  5. Just in case there was any doubt, Jesus is a Packers fan.
  6. I had my video shoot in the bees yesterday. I find it so strange to be in front of the camera.
  7. It was a beautiful day and the second frame I pulled had the queen, so it was lucky overall.
  8. C-man is eligible for Lego League at school next year. He's wanted to do it forever.
  9. It is on Saturdays in Fall.
  10. Sorry Lego League. You don't even come close to the reverence we hold for football.
  11. Speaking of C-man, the kid is totally irrational lately. And he's been eating way more than usual. (How that's possible, I'll never understand.) This had better be a growth spurt.
  12. How am I going to survive a teenage C-man if this is what 10 looks like?
  13. It's supposedly #hugyourcat day. Um... no.

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