June 17, 2015


  • C-man's post-season tryouts are tonight. They were postponed from Sunday due to weather.
  • I've been finalizing the pieces of the girl's San Francisco trip. It's shaping up.
  • I started watching Wild last night because I hadn't seen it and love Reese Witherspoon. Wow, that is a slow moving movie.
  • C-man, meanwhile, was at Jurassic World with his friends. Ahhh, summertime fun.
  • He also declared he has several new best friends from Shark camp. To be young and social...
  • I'm going through Game of Thrones withdrawal. The finale mostly didn't shock me. It did, however, make me very sad. (FYI - I thought Mommy Stark was supposed to come back?)
  • It's Father's Day this weekend. Right now it's calling for rain. So much for outdoor fun.
  • I went to the gym yesterday and actually worked out by myself in the yoga studio, which I liked a lot.
  • Until a guy showed up to do yoga and insisted on turning down the lights and doing this weird breathing thing. I left.
  • I'm making it a goal to get to the gym at least 3 days a week now.
  • My shoulder is still a mess. Thousands of dollars in PT that did nothing. What a waste.
  • Maybe I should start growing my own pot like my own mother suggested. (Dear Homeland Security - I'm joking!)

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