June 13, 2015

It's only Saturday!

  • I woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday. So it was a nice realization when I was informed it's only Saturday.
  • I've got the house picked up. If it ever dries out, I'll get the lawn mowed.
  • Then I'm set to be a bit lazy.
  • There's no baseball or wrestling this weekend.
  • Unless you count tryouts for the post-season tournament.
  • Which I really don't, because I won't have to sit through it.
  • Speaking of baseball ruining my fun plans, I've decided we need to work ahead. So we've been trying to firm up our 2016 Spring Break trip.
  • It's always good to set Beerman on a trip planning mission. You end up with way more ideas than you'd bargained for.
  • But now that we've got a plan, I need to start working out to get my body ready for hiking.
  • Beasley now insists on a game of backyard ball every night.
  • He's gotten attached to us now, which is nice. His a-holeness has decreased exponentially.
  • He is, however, still 95 pounds of oaf, which isn't simple.
  • It's Polish Fest this weekend, which is always fun.
  • C-man has a cold, which he kindly passed on to me, though, so I doubt we'll be up for it.
  • But at least it's only Saturday!

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