June 28, 2015

Extra innings

Over here in the land of tournament baseball, the A's played their last game of the season. They were up against the undefeated number 1 seeded team, and stayed alive into extra innings. It was another day of almost every team in the league standing around in disbelief, watching this little Cinderella team do something nobody thought they could. (And rooting heartily for them, because it would mean big things for the other top teams!)

C-man was unusually cold at the plate, which kind of sucked. But since he was pitched out (much to my happiness), he caught for all 7 innings in the heat. Hardly a ball passed by him, which was one of the big reasons the game stayed as surprisingly close as it did.

This team was by no means as talented as others he's been on. And having Beerman as head coach about killed me. (We're never doing that again!) But it was really great to see C-man have the opportunity to stand up as a leader on this team. He got to (deservedly) be the #4 hitter all season, and play the key positions on the field. Another season of character building. But the tears were smiles and giggles by the time they'd left the fields. Ahhh, to be 10 again.

And now, it's time to tend the gardens and enjoy the beer gardens and hang out with friends in the back yard. You know, until football season starts...

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