July 8, 2015

Fernweh Suffering

Once in a while, I come across a word that really resonates with me. And I just found one that fit so well, it was magical.


It's a German word that happens to be untranslatable into English. Meaning the opposite of homesickness, it is that feeling of longing to experience something away from home. Away sickness, if you will.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am a hard core Fernweh Sufferer.

I've never felt quite comfortable while at home. I don't revel in that feeling of joy or safety in sitting down on my couch or a comfy chair. In fact, when I do that, it's all I can do to not look around the room and think of all the things I don't like about being there. Or realize with a sigh that I should get back up to clean or arrange something because everything is a mess. And I really hate cleaning and arranging. I hate having stuff I don't know what to do with. Even worse, I hate looking at other peoples' stuff and not knowing what to do with that either. I dislike the routine of every day being so similar to the last, with the same expectations and same chores and tasks.

But get me on vacation, or even just somewhere where I am not at home, and I feel complete and total bliss. The happiness rips through my blood, and it just feels like I can breathe easier. People often talk about whether you prefer the beach or the mountains, city or country, warm or hot. And to that, I say, YES! Yesterday, I was logging in to my credit card account, and was asked to answer, "What is your favorite country to vacation?" I sat for a moment, puzzled. Um... All of them?

I know they say home is where your heart is. But I think I've come to realize that my heart lies out there. Somewhere in the lands of the nomads and gypsies. Somewhere far from what I know.

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