July 19, 2015


We visited Grandma and the bees today. The two hives I've got are booming. I was so relieved. I haven't been near them in 3 weeks, and Caroline's still only had one brood box because it was progressing so slowly (it should have at least two by now). The lack of space from that could have caused swarming, especially in this heat, resulting in a hive loss for me. But while all of the frames were completely full of honey and pollen and brood, and they needed another box, everyone was docile and happy. A really good sign. Abigail's hive hasn't filled out the super I'd put on it yet. I added another after I confirmed (by sight of capped eggs/brood) that Abigail is still in there. (Also a relief, because last time I wasn't so sure.) So while the hive didn't need a second super today, the extra space means I can wait a few more weeks before returning. Overall, total relief that maybe I'm not the worst bee farmer in the land.

It's hard to think about going back to work tomorrow. At least it's a short week with the trip to San Francisco on Wednesday. Which reminds me - time to do the laundry!

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