July 10, 2015

Hello, weekend

We're having friends from baseball come over tonight. Beerman has a bazillion pounds of meat to grill. Meanwhile, C-man has invited the kids to stay for a sleepover. Which means we could have 7 boys, ages 9 - 11, on our living room floor tonight. I told Beerman he's on morning pancake duty if that's the case.

I went to the eye doctor last night because I need new contacts. My prescription stayed the same, but he informed me I will need bifocal contacts next year. "Or you could just buy cheaters and use them to read." I could have punched him in the mouth. It does explain my headaches after reading, though...

I was videoed for a work thing about me this morning. It was scheduled to take 4 hours, and I was there for 1. They said that meant I did great, and it usually takes 3. Let's hope so, because I felt like a rambling idiot.

Giant sigh. Hello, weekend.

1 comment:

Mary Z said...

I hope the party goes well. I'm sure everybody will have a blast.

I was 36 when I got my first bifocals, and was thrilled to death with them! Enjoy.