July 9, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. Flights for Spring Break 2016 are booked.
  2. Fiji and New Zealand, here we come!
  3. I was trying to put the flight times on my calendar, and then realized we fly back in time coming home. So my flight from LA to Milwaukee will happen before my flight from Fiji to LA.
  4. I can't even wrap my mind around that.
  5. C-man is leaving one of his camp modules to opt-in to a math class.
  6. Whose child is this?
  7. Granted, it's sports math, so they're figuring out batting averages and slugging percentages. But still!
  8. I'm really tired of my rotator cuff hurting. I did get a little relief with the chiropractor, so I should probably figure out how to get back.
  9. Tomorrow, I'm doing a video shoot at work. I only have two scratches on my face from Beasley punching me. Dumb dog.
  10. Speaking of dumb dog, I took him for a bath yesterday because we have people coming over to the house tomorrow, and he was gross. He moaned for the whole thing. Like really moaned, this pitiful long moan. Seriously. The drama.
  11. I'm heading to San Francisco in two weeks. That should be a fun time.
  12. Maybe I should think about whether I have the right clothes?
  13. We are having a party at the house tomorrow, and this weather has been stupid. I really hope it's nice so we can hang out outside with the fire.

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