July 15, 2015

I need a drink

  • While I hate Cats of Instagram, I really adore THIS.
  • After I had my interview/video for work, they asked me to submit a bunch of photos from my life. Ummm... How many? And round to the nearest hundred, thank you.
  • This week is only halfway done, and I'm losing my mind. I need to take a weekend.
  • I've been running on coffee and chocolate. A really bad combination.
  • I'm getting my hair highlighted on Friday. Thank God, because these grays are awful.
  • This weekend, I suppose I should start thinking about next week's trip to San Francisco.
  • C-man forgot to grab money for lunch this morning. Thankfully, the neighbor took him some.
  • He owes her a great big something as a thank you tonight!
  • I need a drink.

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