July 29, 2015

Humpity hump hump humpity hump hump

  • Halfway through the week. Thank God.
  • At least I have off next week. That'll be amazing.
  • I finished up the Shutterfly book from our San Francisco trip. It's never quite how I want it, but close enough for memories.
  • The video for work that they did about me is done. Man, I hate seeing myself speak.
  • C-man and I went to Franklin to see a baseball game last night. You know, because what else would we do besides drive 45 minutes to see a game he isn't in?
  • It was the U14s, and they won State, which means they go to Regionals. This is the team/age that would go to the Little League World Series if they ever made it that far. Plus, C-man knows almost everyone on the team, so that's nice.
  • Tonight, I need to do some house stuff. It's either the lawn that gets mowed or stinky Beasley that gets bathed. And some laundry. Oy, the laundry.
  • I turned in C-man's school re-enrollment forms today. We were looking at other schools, and I just didn't feel like re-enrolling him yet. The school has been calling and emailing looking for it.
  • I can't wait until our week off. That's going to be amazing.

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