July 7, 2015

Is it the weekend yet?

  • I saw Daniel Silva speak at the local Jewish Community Center last night. He was really great.
  • I went to the event alone, because I am the only one who reads these books in my house.
  • I realized that was a mistake about 20 minutes into waiting for the talk, after 3 older women had already set me up with their "very nice sons".
  • Note to self if I ever find myself un-wantingly single again - the JCC is a quick fix for that.
  • Speaking of older people - why couldn't any of them figure out how to turn off their cell phones? Seriously - the whole 2 hours the things were going off at obnoxious decibel levels.
  • We have the A's coaches and their families coming for dinner Friday night. So far, the house elves have neither cleaned the house or the dog. Sigh.
  • C-man wears flip flops to camp and then changes into athletic shoes. Something Beerman and I have declared as dumb. Today, he called because he only had one shoe. That'll teach him. Just what it teaches him, I'm not sure, because I'm sure he'll do it again.
  • Is it the weekend yet?

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