November 24, 2015

10 for Tuesday

  1. We had Parent-Teacher conferences this morning. It's really nice to listen to other people talk so nicely about your kid.
  2. What I found most interesting was the types of things he was being praised for - ability to work through conflict, maturity in not getting caught up in petty things, collaborating with others - are things he's had some pretty intense experience with in his sports teams.
  3. It's nice to think about that side of things, when I'm reading all those articles about the potential brain damage from the sub-concussive hits.
  4. I have tomorrow off. I thought I'd have a half-day, but then learned work gives us a half-day. So now I'm using my half-day to give me a full-day. I'm very happy about that.
  5. We have a funeral this weekend for Beerman's paternal grandmother.
  6. She was a nice lady. I just wish there wasn't such weirdness with this side of the family.
  7. There's all this push at work for togetherness and team building. Bleh.
  8. I've decided reply-all and group Facebook messages are the devil.
  9. I'm really ready for the vacation, even if it is for Thanksgiving. I'm ready to be home with the family.
  10. I'm hoping to get us to a Christmas market this week. I have never done one, and they are popping up all over.

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