November 27, 2015

The next day

Well, we certainly didn't get our wish for a Packers win. And I certainly didn't get my wish for a good night's sleep, what with being up to the wee hours consoling a sobbing kid. He really has to learn how to take this a little less seriously, because they aren't getting any better.

Thanksgiving was good. Fewer people showed this year than normal. But we're all healthy today, which is 300% more than I can say for last year. The rain kept everyone indoors, and me away from putting the extra sugar on my bees. I did get the report that they were out on the English Sage last week, so that was a little comforting. We'll be back up there on Saturday for a funeral, so I'm hoping for better weather.

I'm doing no Black Friday shopping, which is no change from any other years. We're still trying to figure out what C-man even needs (nothing) for Christmas. Ski weekend it is.

Anyhow, I'm incredibly thankful for the long weekend, even if we do have to travel again. Here's hoping I can get some sleep!

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